Our Story

When my son was born I was looking through his closet one day and all I saw was a sea of blues and red, dinosaurs, digger patterns, and gaudy motifs. This wasn’t the wardrobe I had envisaged for my sweet boy, but despite my best efforts these are the clothes I ended up with because this is what I had access to within my "high street" budget. 

I dreamed of a neutral and timeless wardrobe of subtle tones, but the clothing I saw on the image boards and blogs I envied were far out of my price range – especially when you consider than children’s clothing can often only be worn for a number of weeks.

I was determined to dress my son the way I wanted without breaking the bank. That’s why I started Kitten + Cub. To bring beautiful, play friendly, clothing to everyone. Our stretch cotton ribbed fabrics last longer than many others, growing with baby, reducing waste and ready to be passed down to the next little addition to the family, whatever sex they happen to be.  

Because we know that some care-givers have extra challenges when it comes to providing for their babies, we donate a percentage of our profits to the Homeless Prenatal Program of San Francisco - to provide essential items to families in need. 

High Style - Low Cost